Iraq - Baghdad - Hayy Ur

Mission and Vision

The primary purpose of Imam Al-Kadhum College (IKC) is to meet the needs of the local community particularly in Iraq and generally in the whole Arab region countries with scientific and professional, qualified students and academic staff. The alumni are well-skilled with high ethical standads that meet the renewed requirements of the labor market, and develop the plans to ensure the preservation of the heritage and culture of the community. The college seeks to be a center of excellence and leadership of the university education at the level of Iraqi and Arab universities. Its vision is to prepare high-quality staff in both profession and applied terms to contribute in the social development inclusively. The college aims to:
1. Prepare qualified academic staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students to reinforcing and emphasize the creative teaching and scientific research.
2. Teaching Islamic, humane and modern sciences based on the heritage of Ahl al-Bayt (the People of the House- Family of the prophet Muhammad) (Peace be upon them), the good companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the scholars of jurisprudence and Ijtihad (diligence).
3. Contribute to expanding the Islamic and humanitarian knowledge of sciences and enforcing development of the scientific research in order to generate quantitative and qualitative improvement in the scientific, cultural, educational activity, and looking forward to future perspectives.
4. Exploitation modern technologies to serve teaching and learning.
5. Attraction and perpetuation scientific competencies and professionals within the college.